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Contest Notes

National Finals September 2017


Section 3 - Hinemoa by Gareth Wood


Nice sounds to open but the triplet could be more even.  The allegro has poise but I could do with hearing more detail.  Lento is balanced but I hear some minor intonation problems.  Nice Solo Cornet.  Piu Mosso is untidy in places and again more detail is needed.  Horn and Flugel compliment each other well.  Furioso not together to start and running sextuplets need more clarity.  Good sounds in lower end but I hear some intonation issues.  Balance is an issue from M.  Horns play with control and confidence at O.  The Chorale is controlled but again take care with the triplet rhythm.  S builds well to a controlled close.


Overall: the band produce a sonorous sound, just the odd minor issue with the intonation and some untidiness.  I liked the fact that you didn’t overblow the louder dynamics.


Well done and thank you.


Glynn Williams


Confident to open with balanced sound.  Don’t always get even triplets.  Watch ensemble prior to Allegro and down beat Allegro.  Can take a shorter articulation on Allegro and perhaps a little more detail.  Nice balance sound in Lento with just minor intonation.  Gets a little scrappy in some quicker sections.  Don’t get even bell effect Bar 2 of G.  Nice individual contributions noted.  Moderato:  don’t hear notes clearly in the 6’s etc and these are not even in dynamic around the band.  Can take more from Euph at M and sounds become a little forced in upper lines affecting tuning.  Confident horns prior to P.  Intonation prior to Chorale.  Chorale, same comments as opening.  Good ensemble to build but watch tuning to close.


Some nice balanced sounds but tuning caused a number of problems.


Mark Wilkinson


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